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This post is a little different. The past couple of weeks have been consumed by obsessions and with every obsession comes the desire to tell everything and everyone about them. And because you count as a part of everything and everyone I thought I might share them with you:

1. Jane Birkin
To kick of my obsessions I'll start with a person. Jane Birkin will forever be my biggest girl crush. She is an iconic woman who I've always viewed as a style inspiration but her recent appearance in the new Saint Lauren Campaign has re-sparked my love for her. 

She looks utterly gorgeous with her signature smile but lets not forget about the countless photos of her absolutely killing it in her younger years. This one below is one of my favorites, her outfit looks so damn good. 


Firstly: Go listen to her song 'Sea Creatures.' 
Now go listen to her song 'B a Nobody'.
Now that you've done that I am sure you are just as in love with her music as I am. 
This girl has serious talent both in both singing and songwriting. I honestly just found her music last week so I am probably very late with this obsession but nevertheless if you have never hear of SOAK she is worth a listen. 

3. Young Leo. 
Everyone goes through a stage (or whole life) of obsessing over young Leonardo DiCaprio. I think I've said enough so I will just entertain you with some photos: 

4. Cropped Jeans + Sneaker
I know, I know, nothing new. 
But I just got to say it. I am in love with cut off cropped denim jeans. And I am in love with sneakers.
If you haven't seen these two pieces circulating the fashion world for the last little while I am not entirely sure where you have been living. But yes, they are both popular for a reason. They. look. so. damn. cool. 

That's all for now. 

Soph x

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  1. Lovee the cropped jeans and sneakers (and the photos of Leo!)