So intimidated right now


So this dress is actually a jumpsuit/one piece. I know, I know. I would prefer it as a dress but I guess you can't really tell. I paired it with these kinda cool sunnies I got online for like $5 and black boots. It was a super hot day so I wanted to keep my outfit light and cool. 
As we were taking these photos and wandering around the Glebe Markets, really cool and stylish people were walking around hence the 'so intimidated right now' title. The type of people I aspire to be, confident with themselves and wearing whatever the hell they want. It's going to be adventure of hit and misses but I have decided to go for it. From now on i'm going to be wearing whatever the hell I want and starting to experiment with unique pieces. Wish me luck. 

Soph x

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  1. Adore this dress so muchhh! Where's it from!

    Check out my blog?
    Love, Jess xx

  2. Love it!

    xx LL

  3. Love the outfit, and the layout of the post!
    following you love your blog:))