I wish I lived in the 90's


Slip dresses and chokers are two of the many 90's fashion trends that are recirculating currently. To celebrate this much welcomed comeback of these trends I thought I might explore my favourite and not so favourite things that are said to define the 90's. From the perspective of someone who wasn't alive in the 90's, I kinda wish I was but considering how far the world has come since then, I'm glad I'm alive to experience the inventions and events of today. 

1. The Macarena was born. Wow, don't know where I would be without this dance to follow whenever I forget to dance. In all seriousness, this does remind me of the dance parties I had when I was younger. 

2. Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy. In a world where Apple is most commonly used in the context of the latest Iphone, it's crazy to think that just 18 years ago it was Microsoft that reigned the technology world. It's inspiring to see something grow from the ground. If it wasn't for Microscoft we might have never held the incredible invention that is an Iphone. 

3. The decade of one-hit wonders. Heard of 'Ice Ice Baby'? Of course you have. How about 'I'm Too Sexy'? Well duh. What about 'Baby Got Back'? Uhuh. Thank you 90's. 

4. The 90's had an obsession on watching single adults doing live. This formed popular sitcoms such as Seinfeld and Friends. 

5. Bandanna's - only when worn righ

6. The crop top. 

7. Slip dresses

8. High waisted denim

And the not so good things

1. Apparently slap bracelets where the biggest deal back in the 90's. From my experience, those things hurt. 

2. The U.S. spent around $100 billion to prepare for the 'massive technical glitch' that would happen when the clock struck January 1, 2000. I guess they started the year with a lot of regrets. 

3. The rat tail. Ew. No. Ew. Argg. The fact that this hairstyle is named after a rodent should be enough to turn you off it. 

Dress : TopShop



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  1. Ah cool post. I enjoyed looking back on the good and bad of the 90's. I used to love wearing bandanas when I was younger...maybe a bit too much though haha. I like your 90's vibing outfit. :D


  2. Gorgeous 90's inspired look! I was born in '91 and loved wearing chokers. It's funny and cool how fashion trends come back.


  3. Lovely outfit! I love crop tops and high waisted denim too :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  4. So cool your mix with the blue skirt and the wonderful denim jacket!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. This outfit is perfection! The 90s is my biggest style inspiration decade wise <3

  6. love this post outfit is perf, 90's is the best.

    following you love your blog!


  7. Really amazing!


  8. Gorgeous photos and look! So in love with your beautiful hair! :) x